SD-8 Signaldistributor


The SD-8 is a dedicated HUB which works with all DMT Pixelscreens and Pixelmesh’s and significantly increases the reliability of your LED screen systems and makes the cabling easier. It can be operated either as a splitter with 1 Input signal and 1×8 output signals, or as a splitter for 2 Inputs and 2×4 outputs. So it is no longer necessary to connect all screens in a daisy chain, but you can split them into multiple sections for easier setup and increased ease of use. The SD-8 automatically switches between the 1 or 2 input versions, depending on the number of inputs used. Up to 8 units can be used in cascade, which produces a HUB of a single and up to 64 outputs Connections are made by Neutrik Ethercon connectors, which guarantee a reliable connection in every situation. A truly versatile and powerful tool for all professionals who work with DMT Pixelscreens and Pixelmesh.

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